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Group Organizer Checklist


The following is a list of suggestions to help you organize and run a successful golf event for your company or group.

q                 Have a sign-up deadline for entering your event at least 14 days prior to the event. This will allow you time to set pairings and organize your money (remember you pay us 10 days in advance).

q                 Publicize your pairings/tee times within your group. Late arrivals are a serious problem and will not only spoil your day but ours also.

q                 Please emphasize golf course and equipment etiquette to your group. Remember you will be the responsible party.  The golf course staff will make an assessment of your  groups overall adherence to the above policies. Your compliance will effect future reservation privileges.

q                 We want to help you make your event successful. Our staff  can  provide basic pairings sheets, scoring sheets, handicap information, contest markers, and scorecards at no cost. 

q                 “Shot Gun Starts” (all players starting at the same time) Require: Back Nine Shot Gun Start- a minimum of 68 players and a maximum of 80 players.                  Full Course (18 hole) Shotgun Start- a minimum of 132 players a maximum of 144 players.

Be sure and send the accompanying “Group Tournament Information and Reservation Form” along with your $168.00 deposit. Payment must be made within two weeks of the date of this notice in  order to secure your reservation.