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Amateur and Men's Association Tournament Results

October 10Jersey Mikes
Ike Beesley
September 21-22Senior Club ChampionshipResults
September 19State Farm
2-Man Best Ball
August 28-29City Wide Home Loans
Club Championship
August 1All Star Marketing
Individual Gross & Net
July 31Val Randall Shootout DerbyResults
July 114-Man LonewolfResults
June 27Overhead Door Co. of Bountiful
2-Man Team - 6, 6, & 6
June 1 (Season-long)ESI Engineering Inc.
2-Man Match Play begins
May 30Individual ChicagoResults
May 29Spring DerbyResults
May 16Bountiful AmateurResults
May 4Bountiful Ridge Senior AmateurResults
May 2Help-U-Sell
2 Man Scramble
October 12Jersey Mikes Ike BeesleyResults
October 12Fall Ike DerbyResults
September 30Bountiful Ridge Senior Four BallResults
September 20-21City Wide Home Loans Club ChampionshipResults
August 24State Farm Insurance 2-Man Best BallResults
August 3All Star Marketing Individual Gross & NetResults
June 29Residential Glassworks 2 Man Team - 6, 6, & 6Results
June 28Val Randall Shootout DerbyResults
June 1Overhead Door 4 Man LonewolfResults
May 18Bountiful AmateurResults
May 6Bountiful Ridge Senior AmateurResults
May 4HBME CPA's Individual ChicagoResults
May 3Spring DerbyResults
April 20Help-U-Sell 2 Man ScrambleResults
October 13Fall Ike DerbyResults
October 13Jersey Mikes Ike BeesleyResults
September 22Lone WolfResults
August 25Clearview Construction 2-Man Best BallResults
August 3-4City Wide Home Loans Club ChampionshipResults
July 7State Farm Insurance 2-Man Team - 6,6,6Results
July 6Val Randall Shootout DerbyResults
June 2Residential Glassworks Individual MulliganResults
May 19Bountiful AmateurResults
May 7Bountiful Ridge Senior AmateurResults
May 5HBME CPA's Individual ChicagoResults
May 4Spring DerbyResults
March 31Help-U-Sell 2 Man ScrambleResults
September 30Ike Beesley - 4 Man Scramble (toughest holes)Results
August 262-Man Best BallResults
August 5Individual - Gross and NetResults
July 152 Man Team 6,6, & 6 - (BB, Scramble, Alt Shot)Results
July 14Val Randall Shootout (Derby)Results
June 19Bountiful Ridge Mixed Pro-AmResults
June 23-24Club ChampionshipResults
June 3Individual - MulliganResults
May 20Bountiful City AmateurResults
May 134 Man Team - Lone WolfResults
May 12Spring DerbyResults
May 8Bountiful Ridge Senior AmateurResults
April 29Chicago - IndividualResults
April 12 Man ScrambleResults
October 15Ike Beesley - 4 Man Scramble (toughest holes)Results
August 27Lone Wolf - 4 Man TeamResults
August 5-6Club ChampionshipResults
July 162 Man Team 6,6, & 6 - (BB, Scramble, Alt Shot)Results
July 15Val Randall Shootout (Derby)Results
June 252-Man Best BallResults
June 20Bountiful Ridge Mixed Pro-AmResults
June 4Individual - Gross & NetResults
May 21Bountiful Ridge AmateurResults
May 9Bountiful Ridge Senior AmateurResults
May 74 Man Team - 1 Gross 2 NetResults
April 16Chicago - IndividualResults
March 262 Man ScrambleResults


  • The men’s association will be allowed to make their Thursday Twilight times one day in advance of tee times opening up for general play (8 days in advance by calling the pro shop). SIGN UP EARLY! It is our goal to fill all of our Thursday afternoon with just Men’s Association times but please understand, all times that are left available after the initial signup period will be open to the general public. It is important that you sign up for Twilights and Tournaments in advance. Online reservations can be made by visiting our website www.bountifulridgegolf.com.
  • PLEASE CANCEL ANY TEE TIMES YOU ARE UNABLE TO USE. The proper use of reservation privileges will ensure our ability to set aside times for the men’s association in the future and also provide tee times for other association members.
  • As always, we will do our best to accommodate your tournament tee time/pairings requests. Please understand the entire field cannot start at the first tee time (If you are requesting a specific time please indicate a 90 minute window in which you can tee off). The last time varies depending on the size of the field.
  • You may call in your entry by contacting the golf shop at 298-6040 or by emailing Kent and Scott with your entries
  • Please call as early as possible to cancel from an event.

Handicap InformationEach BRGC Association member is required to have and maintain an accurate Utah Golf Association Handicap card. If you were a member last year the UGA mailed a renewal copy to your listed address. If for some reason you did not receive your handicap renewal form, contact the UGA office at 801-563-0400 or one of our staff. Remember, your Bountiful Ridge Men’s Association Renewal/Member Fee does not renew your Handicap Card.

  • All tournament guests must have a verifiable USGA sanctioned handicap.
  • As a member club within the UGA Handicap system, it is our assignment to promote good handicap procedures. This includes the accurate posting of all scores (good or bad) using equitable stroke control, peer review of all handicaps, and when necessary, the adjusting of handicaps (both up and down).

**  As a member of the Bountiful Ridge men’s association it is strongly recommended that you purchase a handicap card for our golf course. This will allow you to see your score history each time you post at Bountiful Ridge.

PACE OF PLAY– During the play of our men’s association events (including Twilights) you will be expected to play each 9 holes in 2 hours/15 minutes or less. This is not an unreasonable request! (Helpful tips: 1) Be ready to play when it is your turn. 2) Limit your pre-shot routine to one practice swing. 3) Park golf cart in the middle of the fairway so each player can walk to his ball. 4) Be aware that your position on the course should be directly in back of the group in front of you. We appreciate you cooperation with this pace of play guideline. Your fellow association members will thank you also!

FYI…Our Bountiful Ridge Phone App is still available to be downloaded to both iPhone and Android users. Tee times can also be booked from this App and it also provides GPS capabilities for Bountiful Ridge. 


  • Danny Kettle Help-U-Sell Real Estate
  • Brett Wilson City Wide Home Loans
  • Blair Archibald State Farm Insurance
  • Ed Erickson HBME Certified Public Accountants
  • Kevin Campbell ESI Engineering, Inc.
  • Craig Keller Residential Glassworks
  • Jon Clegg Jersey Mike’s Subs
  • James Christopherson Overhead Door Co. of Bountiful

Thanks again for your support of the Bountiful Ridge Men’s Association and the added money!!!


  • We will continue with our “Refer a New Member” Program. If a current member brings a new member (not a member last year) each will get their dues at 50% off ($15.00 each). As always, we appreciate your efforts in helping us grow our men’s association.
  • Continued added sponsor money in Saturday tournaments. Again, a special thanks to our tournament sponsors for the added money to our purses.
  • Punch cards can still be used for most Saturday events. If you chose not to use it you will still receive the reduced “punch card” rate for your green fee (Shotgun start events and Club Championship may still be an all-inclusive entry fee)
  • Back 9 play once a month. For our nine hole Thursday Twilite players we will continue trying to reverse 9’s once a month giving you more opportunity to experience the back 9.
  • We plan to include a Senior Club Championship on this year’s 2020 schedule. Dates are still TBD. There will be more information to come.
  • We currently have a Men’s Association sponsor opportunity available. If you are interested please contact Kent or Scott for more details.

2020 SENIORS  Our association Senior Day will be each Tuesday throughout the year. We will structure this similar to our Thursday Twilite play. You are welcome to play in the 11:30 game (please arrive early) or make your own groups/tee times throughout the day. You must play with at least one other association member to be eligible. (You may play anytime of the day on Tuesday…if you need help finding a group to play with let us know and we will do our best to pair you with another association member). You must be age 55 or older and have a valid UGA handicap card to participate. Tuesday Senior play will be from the White Tees markers. Tell your friends and family about our Senior Day! It is our goal to grow these events each year and add another fun dimension to our association, while providing an additional playing opportunity for our “seasoned” members.


  • Bunker renovation project: Our greenside bunker renovation project will begin as soon as the course is available this spring. This work will be done in the shoulder months of the season as not to disrupt play during the peak months. We are planning to have all bunkers renovated within a 2-3 year period.
  • Tee box renovation & leveling: This work on the tee boxes will begin as soon as the course is available this spring. We plan on completing the tee boxes on #2, #3, & #14.
  • Removal of diseased and dead trees and plant materials: This work will take place this spring and fall. We will eventually plan to replace new trees in these areas where trees have been removed.
  • On course restroom renovation: This season we will begin the remodeling process of each of the on course restroom facilities. This work is expected to be completed by spring 2021.


  • Opening Men’s Association Twilight: Thursday, March 19th (possibly sooner if weather stays warm)
  • Opening Men’s Association Weekend Event: Saturday, April 4th  Rescheduled to May 2nd Format: “2 Man Scramble”. You may invite a member or guest as your partner. Please call the Bountiful Ridge Golf Shop to sign up, 298-6040.

Again, welcome to Bountiful Ridge for a great season of golf activities. If there is anything that our staff can do to help you better enjoy your golfing experience at Bountiful Ridge please let us know.

Fairways & Greens!

Kent McComb, Scott Olsen & Staff