(801) 298-6040 golf@bountifulutah.gov

Bountiful Ridge

Guys and Gals League

Every Sunday Evening 5:30 Shotgun

$30.00 Per Person

(includes green fees, cart fees, and prize money)

Start Date Sunday June 6th, 2021

Sign-up 1 week in advance

No handicap necessary. No league dues.

Come Join us every Sunday for a great social event with good friends, old friends, and new friends!


Guys and Gals League Results

Sept 304-Person ScrambleResults
Sept 234-Person ScrambleResults
Sept 164-Person ScrambleResults
Sept 94-Person ScrambleResults
Sept 24-Person ScrambleResults
Aug 264-Person ScrambleResults
Aug 194-Person ScrambleResults
Aug 124-Person ScrambleResults
Aug 54-Person ScrambleResults
July 294-Person ScrambleResults
July 224-Person ScrambleResults
July 154-Person ScrambleResults
July 84-Person ScrambleResults
July 14-Person ScrambleResults
June 244-Person ScrambleResults
June 174-Person ScrambleResults
June 104-Person ScrambleResults
Aug 274-Person ScrambleResults
Aug 204-Person ScrambleResults
Aug 64-Person ScrambleResults
July 304-Person ScrambleResults
July 234-Person ScrambleResults
July 164-Person ScrambleResults
July 94-Person ScrambleResults
July 24-Person ScrambleResults
June 254-Person ScrambleResults
June 184-Person ScrambleResults
June 114-Person ScrambleResults
June 44-Person ScrambleResults
May 284-Person ScrambleResults
May 214-Person ScrambleResults
May 144-Person ScrambleResults
May 74-Person ScrambleResults
September 184-Person ScrambleResults
September 114-Person ScrambleResults
September 44-Person ScrambleResults
August 284-Person ScrambleResults
August 214-Person ScrambleResults
August 144-Person ScrambleResults
August 74-Person ScrambleResults
July 314-Person ScrambleResults
July 244-Person ScrambleResults
July 174-Person ScrambleResults
July 104-Person ScrambleResults
July 34-Person ScrambleResults
June 264-Person ScrambleResults
June 194-Person ScrambleResults
June 124-Person ScrambleResults
June 54-Person ScrambleResults
May 294-Person ScrambleResults
2015 Results--------------------
September 274-Person ScrambleResults
September 204-Person ScrambleResults
September 134-Person ScrambleResults
September 64-Person ScrambleResults
August 304-Person ScrambleResults
August 234-Person ScrambleResults
August 164-Person ScrambleResults
August 94-Person ScrambleResults
August 24-Person ScrambleResults
July 264-Person ScrambleResults
July 194-Person ScrambleResults
July 124-Person ScrambleResults
July 54-Person ScrambleResults
June 284-Person ScrambleResults
June 214-Person ScrambleResults
June 144-Person ScrambleResults
June 73-3-3Results
May 314-Person ScrambleResults
May 244-Person ScrambleResults
May 174-Person ScrambleResults
May 104-Person ScrambleResults
May 34-Person ScrambleResults